Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Bridge Construction Project


The existing Trinity Railway Express (TRE) section between I-35W and Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth is a single-track section, which crosses the Trinity River on a narrow 764-foot-long bridge that was constructed in 1903. This section is used not only by TRE commuter trains, but also Amtrak, Union Pacific, and BNSF freight trains. Due to the age of the bridge and the standards by which it was designed and constructed, the bridge requires frequent inspection, monitoring, and maintenance. Although passenger trains can travel across the bridge at the regular speeds, loaded freight trains are required to reduce their speed to 10 MPH on the bridge. Additionally, freight trains heading to the Purina Junction west of the Trinity River Bridge occasionally stop on the bridge to wait for the green signals to proceed to Purina Junction and cause delays to passenger trains.

To resolve the issues, TRE needs to rehabilitate the existing historic Trinity River Bridge and add a second track between I-35W and Sylvania Avenue. This project, when completed, will reduce travel times for commuters and eliminate delays caused by Purina Junction congestion.


The Project has received environmental clearance from the Federal Transit Administration and approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Construction began in October 2018, and it is anticipated that the project will be completed in Summer 2020. All work will be conducted on TRE’s right-of-way.


During construction, no impact to TRE riders is anticipated.

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