Fares & Passes

Riding the TRE

How to Ride the TRE

1. Go to the station. TRE rail stations feature connections to other transit services and free parking at those stations with Park & Ride facilities (please refer to the individual station pages to view more information about parking).

2. Buy your ticket. You must have valid fare media to board the train – a monthly or annual pass, GoPass or validated ticket/day pass.

Fares are based on where you board and depart, not how far you travel. The fare zone divider is at CentrePort/DFW Airport Station. Purchase a REGIONAL Ticket to travel on both sides of CentrePort/DFW Airport Station, as well as on all DCTA (Denton County) services. At CentrePort/DFW Airport Station, if you only have a LOCAL Ticket, you will need to purchase a DART Local Pass to travel further east or a Trinity Metro Local Ticket to travel further west. Please check the fare type to make sure the fare media you use is valid for the zones of travel you will cross.

More information available at www.GoPass.org
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  3. Before boarding, check destination signs, which designate the final stop.

Ticket Vending Machine Fare Media

You must have a valid ticket to board the train. If you board without a valid ticket, you may be issued a citation that can be resolved by paying a $75 administrative fee to DART or that can be resolved in court. Only when the police or fare inspectors confirm that ALL ticket vending machines were out of service at your station of origin, will a citation not be issued.

It is good practice to arrive at the TRE platform 10-15 minutes prior to the departure time of the train to allow yourself enough time to purchase your fare media from the ticket vending machine, even if there is a line.

Single-ride tickets are good for transfer to the Trinity Metro local bus. DART Local single-ride tickets are also good for two hours of unlimited rides on DART buses and DART Rail.

Ticket Vending Machine Malfunctions / Refunds

In the event that a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) malfunctions and you don’t receive a ticket, please purchase a ticket from another machine at the same station. When time permits, contact DART Customer Response Center at 214-749-3333 to report the TVM malfunction. Please make note of the date, time and station of the malfunctioning TVM. If you need a refund, the Customer Response Center can assist you with the refund process.

In the rare instance that all TVMs at a station are out of service, board the train and notify the conductor of the malfunction as soon as possible. When you reach your destination, purchase your ticket; if your trip requires you to board another train or bus you will not be permitted to board without a ticket. Note that all machines accept cash, credit and debit cards.


TRE is ADA compliant.


Bicycles brought on board TRE Rail must be placed in the area designated for disabled customers, provided it is not occupied.

Bicyclists must consider the number of passengers on the vehicle and the impact the presence of the bicycle will have on the safety of other passengers before bringing the bike on board.

Bicyclists may not block the operator’s cab when it is occupied.

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